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Our Story

Established in  2016, K.I.P.S. is one of the Indian market leaders in high quality tensile structure, membrane structures and related fabric works.

K.I.P.S. work along with their clients throughout the entire process; from design, sail fabrication, steel fabrication, installation, as well as providing post-sale services such as repairs, cleaning and maintenance. Located at Indore (M.P), we provide our high quality services India-wide, and have even penetrated across India markets.

K.I.P.S. holds years of experience in rendering Tensile Structure.  This Tensile Structure is handled by well-informed experts who use advanced techniques.  Owing to their timely completion and reliability, Tensile Structure is enormously well-liked in the market This systems is a simple form of Tensile fabric, well suited to modest sized buildings where conditions preclude the even simpler flat roof.


The Best Tensile Solutions

With more than 2 years of design and fabrication experience in all type of Tensile Structure,  our team is able to offer a full range of services from concept design, detail design,  load analysis, contract document preparation to project management, contract supervision and control,  thereby ensuring that our clients receive the best professional service.

Tensile fabric structures are really popular because of the cost cutting they provide,  the easy and quick installation method, the long lifetime and the natural feeling they create. These reasons make these structures preferable over traditional options.

The base-cloth and the protective coatings on it makes these fabric structures very durable. You can easily expect a lifetime of 15 to 20 year’s. The coatings also make the fabric structure strong, stable, wear and tear resistant with a high degree of elasticity. The varnishes and the coatings also give the fabrics different other advantages. These fabrics are fire resistant, cleans by itself, absorbs UV radiation, reflects heat away and maintain its color even after years of use. Tensile structures are known to hold its own shape for a long time. The fabric and supportive structure needed to cover a large area is minimum. Moreover, these fabrics are recyclable so these structures feature a sustainable design.

K.I.P.S. is at the forefront of tensile architecture innovation. We specialize in structural membrane design to create landmark tensile fabric structures and iconic features. Our track record speaks for itself. Tensile fabric structures can be used in a variety of situations. They use less material than traditional structures and as a result, their weight is less and are easier to transport. They are flexible and can be specifically tailored to meet your requirements and provide shade or shelter. In addition to the required practicality elements, tensile fabric structures are a shoszpiece feature that offer an impressive focal point.

When you need a shoszpiece element that stands out and is different from conventional buildings. This can be as a signature urban object or a building icon.

When you need a wide span or column free span. Tensile fabric structures can span unsupported lengths of up to 150 feet and tensile steel cable nets with fabric can easily span twice that amount. Air structures can span even longer distances with column free structures up to thousands of feet.

When your building has to move from one location to another during the lifespan of your facility, such as temporary schools, travelling exhibits, etc.

When you need a prefab modular building. Metal frame with pensioned fabric panels are the most cost effective modular frame buildings available today. As lightweight additions to existing or conventions buildings, tensile structures can act as canopies, skylights, covered walkways, shading systems or atrium roofs etc.



As the fabrics come prefabricated, there is no need of engineering on site. Moreover, the supporting structures also come prefabricated and all you need is to assemble those on site. Thus, the whole structure can be fixed very swiftly.


Tensile fabric structures can be put up with transparent membranes which allow plenty of natural light to flow in. This creates an open air feeling. As these membranes can absorb the heat, the temperature under these structures also stay less.


As the supporting structure required is minimum and also easy to set up, the total cost of covering a large space using tensile fabric structure is very low as well. The framework takes less time to set up as well, compared to other traditional means.